Shri P.D. Kulkarni (Trustee) giving the inaugaral address during fie foundation awards ceremony.

No valuable and meningful achievement has ever taken place overnight and without sacrifice. If we look at the size of our nation and the conditions which prevailed when we got independence, we must admit we have comparatively strong infrastructure as against some oriental countries and while doing so, we have maintained the basic democratic structure.

Inspite of restrictions, our Scientists,Economists and Engineers have been making sustained progress to be self reliant, our agriculturists to produce improved and increased food production and our medicos are
not second to any other professionals.

In its march the Foundation has consistently strived to select on All India Basis deserving personalities from nook and corner of the country, irrespective of the religion caste and creed and discrimination, giving equal importance to women, young persons, entrepreneurs and people in fourth estate and most important, personalities at the top who are beckoning and gleaming lights in Industrial and Humanities sector who by their acumen are not only improving lives around their field but making the country as a whole, proud of their outstanding achievements.

With the advantage of Information Technology and Computerization which is entering in almost all areas, we are on the threshold of paperless offices or rather office-less business where we visualize e-commerce by doing functions in our own homes on Internet and without going physically to the office, thereby saving the human physical efforts, saving petrol and reducing the traffic on roads and consequent congestion. A day is not far when a click of a mouse will perform almost all functions on internet and a revolution will take place
in coming two/three decades.

While this progress is welcome, we cannot overlook our social and human responsibilities and here comes a very important thought "all progress is meant not only for the sake of progress but for the welfare of human beings." This should be our guiding principle.